Twenty years ago I founded IE, Australia's largest privately owned digital agency. I led development, the technical teams, and created some of the most cutting edge digital solutions that came out of Melbourne. In 2016 I packed up my vegemite and moved to New York City to work on new ventures. Today I take on select projects that require a developer with vast expertise in eCommerce.

I'm known for my "can't put it down" work ethic, easy going Aussie demeanor and expertise in integrated eCommerce solutions. In my spare time I fly my two year old around the room like superman and mess around with code and frameworks that are on the bleeding edge. It makes my wife nervous. The superman part.

independent engineer
chief technology officer

I'm focused on deploying enterprise-grade headless eCommerce sites on Shopify Plus. Depending on the complexity of the build, I'd generally kick-off with the following stack: Next.js (TypeScript) development framework with a React & MUI front-end, and a hosting and deployment environment on Vercel, due to their excellent CI/CD & serverless function support. I'm also extremely experienced and love working with AWS and their related services - along with the other major cloud providers.


eCommerce x
Digital Solutions

My work centers around eCommerce experiences, both online and in-store. This hollistic understanding of omni-channel ensures efficiency, scalability and innovative touch points across the entire customer experience.


Performance x

I have the highest of standards when it comes to the craft and quality of my work. Having worked with several Fortune 500 companies, I execute with business goals in mind to ensure instant page loads, excellent SEO, and a beautiful customer experience.


Leadership x

Whether working with a startup or large corporation, I have a versitile leadership style. From "translating" complex business requirements into my own technical deliverables to overseeing teams that require architecture direction and code reviews.



She Runs Sydney 10k
Nike + Facebook01She Runs Sydney 10k - Social Running Event, eCommerce, Social
Mobile, Facebook, Magento, Connected Signage
Movember Foundation02Movember.com - Charity Donation Platform
The Card Network03Card.Gift - Shopify Plus Headless eCommerce
Shopify Plus, Headless PWA, AWS Amplify, React, TypeScript
Nike - Retail
Nike04Nike - Retail - Endless Aisle & Self Checkout
Chrome OS, React, Touchscreen Kiosk
Decathlon - Retail
Decathlon05Decathlon - Retail - Endless Aisle
Shopify Plus, Chrome OS, React, Tablet, Mobile
Control Syntax Rio
Storefront for Art and Architecture06Control Syntax Rio - Video Wall Digital Signage
Chrome OS, Synchronized Digital Signage
Foyer PaaS
Foyer07Foyer PaaS - Retail Operations Technology
Mobile [Chrome/Android/iOS], AWS Cloud
School of Architecture
Royal College of Art08School of Architecture - Digital Exhibition
AWS [Rekognition Amplify] React TypeScript p5.js Mapbox
Forever New - In Store
Forever New09Forever New - In Store - Connected Fitting Room
Chrome OS, React, Tablet, Mobile

Email projects@turle.com to get in touch with James.